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I am delighted to share my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for Dr. RJ! Through her exceptional executive coaching services, insightful counseling and intentional guidance, Dr. RJ has played an instrumental role in transforming me. She has helped me cultivate self-awareness, develop self-control, and break free from the chains of guilt and resistance that were holding me back. I now feel more empowered and in control of my own behaviors and feelings.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. RJ and her executive coaching services to anyone seeking transformation, self-awareness, and the ability to overcome obstacles that have held them back. Her unique approach, compassionate demeanor, and profound expertise are truly amazing. I will forever be grateful to Dr. RJ for helping me unlock my potential and discover the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Ericka MacIntyre

Consulting Manager

Client Success

“Dr. RJ solved several problems for the company. She helped employees bring their authentic selves to work and provided tools and techniques to understand what their personal barriers are. Personally Dr. RJ helped me understand the importance of burnout and how to address it”

“I have always struggled with ADHD and OCD.. key takeaway from Dr. RJ – done doesn’t have to be perfect”

“Most important takeaway was the journaling aspect.. reflecting on what I did wrong and what I could improve and that not everything is going to be perfect” 

“.. finding my true authenticity, I am a grown woman and it’s ok for me to say no” 

“I realized how close to burnout I truly was. Making time for myself is important and I don’t have to take the responsibility of doing everything” 

“I was struggling to feel appreciated, but Dr. RJ solved my problem of workplace belongingness. My biggest transformation was when I started journaling” 

“Before working with Dr. RJ, my work-life balance was pretty much a lack of a balance. I am now more productive and engage in self-care regularly” 

“My biggest transformation was re-evaluating how I position myself in my personal and career life and making sure that I prioritize my mental health” 

“One of the skills that I learned was setting boundaries and being able to say no without having to explain why” 

I came into sessions with Dr. RJ not knowing what to expect and left with more confidence, greater awareness of who I am, my worth and my potential. Dr. RJ creates a safe space to be open, honest and authentic.


Marva Smart

Customer Success Manager

When I first started, I was burned out. My stress level decreased once Dr. RJ recommended self care. Self care of getting a good night of rest, logging out on time, saying no when it needs to be said and walking every day help me be more productive and not necessary to work long hours...Thank you Dr. RJ. You have truly changed my life for the better.

Teesha Washington

Services Consultant Sr

This experience has been transformational. While I know I am not yet where I need to be, I know and feel great that I am well on my way to becoming a better version of myself.

Perkin Lee

Systems Architect Principal

I can't believe the growth I've seen in myself in only 8 weeks! I would highly recommend Dr. RJ's Executive Coaching or Speaking services to anyone. 

Karina Abreu

Project Manager

I honestly loved every second of my meetings with Dr. RJ, so many A-H-A moments. Your anecdotes will be with me forever.

Felipe Cerqueira

Sr Manager, Strategic Events

The class was quite informative. I learned some valuable tips during the class.

Monica Bankston

Accounts Payable Supervisor

The Program has been a game changer, not only personally but professionally!! Balancing work and personal life is essential to success and I have learned ways I can improve that balance.

Juan Bustamante

Product Manager

TEN OUT OF TEN! This experience was life-changing. I will gladly work with Dr. RJ for future endeavors and I will recommend her (and therapy in general) to all my friends.

Afua Giles

Learning Consultant

I love the integration of your personal examples in your Masterclasses. There is comfort in knowing that you are not alone in the quest for balance.

Donnebra McClendon

Global Head of DEI

I enjoy the honesty and transparency of the issues discussed and the personal aspect of the guidance and process to overcoming executive burnout.

Jameel Gordon

Founder & Chairman

"I asked a variety of people these three questions, and this is what they said!"