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Overwhelmed is your ultimate self-care roadmap to help navigate your college and post-secondary journey with confidence.

This is not just another self-care book, it’s a comprehensive guidebook with tips, insights and resources that cover everything from time management, stress, anxiety, depression, and even the pressure of being a first-generation student.

College life presents a myriad of pressures, but this book effectively equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to manage pressing academic, social, and mental demands. Most importantly, it emphasizes self-care as an integral habit for achievement beyond college life- a must-read for both parents and students. Dr. RJ’s conversational tone, educational background and practical approach to well-being makes this book a must-have.

Ready to transform your college experience into life-lasting success? Join me and embark on this journey of self-discovery.

Although Dr. RJ Verwayne specializes in helping Executives and their teams beat burnout, she believes that prevention is key.

As a speaker for The Harbor Institute, A Premier educational consulting firm specializing in dynamic programs, DEI, customized training, curricula + conferences, she challenges the status quo by creating a safe space for college students, advisors, and educational staff to explore tough topics related to stress, anxiety, burnout and the consequences of ignoring mental health.

Overwhelmed: The Self-care Guide for College Students is more than just a “book”. It’s a reminder to students of color that they have a right to have feelings, that they matter, that wellness should be a priority, and just when they thought no one was paying attention, we were listening. There’s nothing like feeling heard. Get your copy today.

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