Ask Dr. RJ

MBE|WBE Certified

Executive Coaching

The Executive Burnout Strategy is more than just good advice. This innovative coaching program was designed to help high performers in leadership positions eliminate stress, anxiety, and burnout via evidenced based and real actionable tools. We promise our participants results as long as they do the work.

The evidenced based treatment coaching program uses a combination of cognitive behavioral treatment, mindfulness, experiential exercises, affirmations, informational masterclass sessions, and much more. It’s both an art and a science inclusive of cultural competence. 

Starting and ending with a wellness assessment, the Executive Burnout Strategy teaches integration of the whole self and focuses on a growth mindset which ultimately leads to lasting success. 

Dr. RJ Verwayne is a psychologist with extensive experience in executive development. She will work with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and together we will create a tailored plan to help you achieve success.

The coaching process combines the art and science of performance, and our goal is to help you unlock your full potential whether your goal is to be promoted within your organization or to pivot. Participants will gain personal and professional growth, resilience, new perspectives, learn to ask for help, build confidence, build and strengthen professional networks, and accelerate growth. Participants will also be able to receive and offer constructive criticism, promote balance, share experiences, provide wisdom and psychological safety, and the skill of learning how to ask the right questions while “at the table”.

The Executive Burnout Strategy fills in the gap by implementing both the why and the how of beating burnout. As a licensed clinical psychologist and executive coach, Dr. RJ Verwayne combines the science and the art of effective communication for long lasting outcomes.