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MBE|WBE Certified

Elite Executive Sponsorship

Research shows that highly effective leaders are seven times more likely to be found in organizations that have formal sponsorship strategies. Organizations that engage in strategic executive sponsorship initiatives drive higher retention of diverse leaders and meaningfully build a diverse pipeline to support key DE&I goals and exceed benchmarks. 

By participating in this exclusive training, sponsor and sponsored employees alike will benefit from improved communication, relationships and motivation that result in inspired employees who are ready to take ownership of the company’s mission and vision. 

As a sponsor, you can have the assurance that your executive is well-prepared to handle any situation and be burnout-proof.

Get ready to reap the rewards of a successful sponsorship. The executive leaders who serve as sponsors are the CORE of any sponsorship program. Effective sponsors are not only in positions of influence and power, but they are willing to use their position and resources to actively advocate for the underrepresented leaders they are sponsoring. These executives are highly respected and trusted as inclusive leaders who are committed to taking on this challenging work. 

Sponsorship is an effective way for organizations to achieve greater diversity in their leadership ranks, and this not only benefits the leaders and the sponsors, but also impacts the organization’s bottom line, creating better business results.