Speaking Engagements

Training: On the Myth of the Super Woman

Dr. RJ brings a balance of science, practicality, wit, humor, and relatedness. Whether it’s speaking a women’s conference for a church or sorority, a corporate retreat for a Fortune 500 company, or a grassroots event in the community, Dr. RJ is passionate about wellness and self-care.


Community Education

All issues in the community should involve a Psychologist’s perspective, after all, psychologists are experts in human behavior. From talking to teens about social media to helping individuals understand everyday human reactions to life’s circumstances, Dr. RJ is dedicated to strengthening communities.


Dr. RJ is an advocate at heart and knows that in order for change to be effective, public sectors, private sectors, and local government must be informed and involved.

Wellness is essential to quality of life. Dr. RJ emphasizes the importance of wellness in various sectors of society including radio. As a scientist-practitioner, Dr. RJ knows that total wellness must involve the mind, body, and spirit.

Parent Coaching

Children don’t come with a handbook. Let Dr. RJ be your guide. Poor parenting advice is everywhere. Ask the toughest parenting questions in a safe, knowledgeable, and nonjudgmental setting. There’s no exact formula but success is definitely attainable.


My child is a totally different person now. Before she was always so angry and we never talked. Now, our relationship is actually enjoyable.

Lisa, Parent

My daughter was just about to give up on going to college because she was so depressed. We decided to try Dr. RJ as a last resort. She is now in her junior year of college and doing great!

William, Parent

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