Consulting & Training

Dr. RJ trains over 100 school administrators on the impact of trauma on learning


For professionals in a variety of settings who may need insight and direction on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, WorkLife balance, and overall wellness.


Dr. RJ believes that psychologists should be present in everyday life—“we don’t do any good in an ivory tower or merely confined to our office spaces”. Psychology is life.

Training includes topics such as Understanding the DSM-V, Trauma Informed Care, How to collaborate with psychiatrists and PCP’s for best practices for your patients, Perfecting your evaluations, Reducing Burn-Out, Improving Your Practice, etc.

Community Education

All issues in the community should involve a Psychologist’s perspective, after all, psychologists are experts in human behavior.


From talking to teens about social media to helping individuals understand everyday human reactions to life’s circumstances, Dr. RJ is dedicated to strengthening communities. 

Dr. RJ speaks to parents and students about the importance of constant engagement at a community Back to School Bash. 


I was tired of being the only one who would give, give, give and finally I said, ‘when will someone do something for me?’ Dr. RJ helped me find the answer.

Rachel, Age 29

Always a great experience

Stephanie, Parent

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